Beginner’s Luck – The new era of marketing

Beginner’s Luck – The new era of marketing

Advertising and marketing are as old as it goes. Though not introduced as a formal art, yet it was, in its most sublime forms, there.

The milestones that have made incredible impact on marketing are

  1. Industrial Era – Production increased multifold.
  2. Modern Era – The world become smaller, companies become brands and expand global
  3. Information Era – Internet is introduced. Communication is not a barrier.
  4. Smartphone Era – Communication and information in palm of your hands
  5. Post Pandemic Era – Stay at/Work from home protocol forces advertisers to go digital
“With all of the information in your palm, comes all of the advertisements.”

Post Pandemic Era has pushed advertisers to switch to or increase budgets on digital as the dominant advertising channel. This created an advertising ecosystem that is truly an opportunity for marketers to learn the art of digital and beginners luck for new marketers who are blessed to learn digital marketing from the very beginning of their career.

“ If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that digital marketing is here to stay”

Though there are inexhaustible avenues of advertising, but I divide them into the following three segments

  1. Google Ads – These are the ones that you see in the majority of websites and ads. To keep it simple, these are virtual properties bought by Google from various website and app owners and then sold off through bidding to various advertisers organizations. This happens with automation and at such a fast pace that it becomes almost impossible to see it happen real-time. The bidding and targeting is done on the basis of set parameters by the advertiser and though impossible to track real time, are in great control of the advertiser.
  2. Social media ads – These are ads that you see when you are casually browsing Facebook, giving and reading opinions on twitter, checking professional community updated on LinkedIn or checking out vacation pics on Instagram. These are controlled by social media companies independently(mostly) and they have similar platforms as google for targeting and bidding.
  3. OTT Advertising – These ads are shown to you when you are browsing content like news on InShorts and your favorite movie or sitcom over apps like hotstar and MX player. They are sold off individually but it’s much more convenient to buy these from media resellers like The media Ant.

There are other forms of advertising as well but they are either niche or dark or both and so for the sake of simplicity, this is covered up in a different article.

I hope that this read was helpful for people who are new to the ways of digital advertising and need an overview to get you going.

Let me know if I have missed out on anything. Over to you.


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